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Solasta Scents® x Lineage Skin & Hair Studio

“Health is wealth” is a saying that everyone can pretty much agree with — but not only is internal health important, external health is too! We can’t even remember of a time where we forgot to care for our skin because it’s that serious for us.

Just ask the founder of Lineage Skin & Hair Studio, Essence, and our esthetician since 2018. Also located in Harlem, NYC, and now in Charlotte, NC, Lineage is a black woman owned, mother/daughter duo, that provides high quality self care services to members of their community and beyond.

Lineage often reiterates that “self care is not an option but a priority” and we couldn’t have agreed more! Thus, the creation of The SELF CARE Candle, made specifically to amplify that mantra, and in the travel size so their customers can luxuriate wherever they go.

So the next time you have a “self care” day, level it up by lighting your favorite Solasta Scents® candle, do your FULL routine, and remember — “health is wealth” and as Essence would say, "healthy skin makes you look rich".

You can book a hair and esthetician service with Lineage by clicking here and if you want to refine your self care routine, then shop a variety of quality products on their website, Your skin and hair will thank you!

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