Level Up Your Living Space

Elevate your home with one of our candles from the Level Up Collection.

Love is in the Air…

The candles from our Romance Collection fill your room with a seductive atmosphere.

Luxe Black Travel Candles

Never be without your favorite scents again.

About Us at a Glance

  • Inspiration

    All scents are inspired by our favorite memories, songs, and everyday moods.

  • Good for You

    No toxins, phthalates, carcinogens, or petroleum by-products affecting your health.

  • Good for the Earth

    Our organic coconut wax blend is FREE of soy and paraffin so your candles produce significantly less smoke and soot.

  • Fast Shipping

    After providing a great smelling candle, getting your order out in a timely manner is a top priority!

  • Reliable Customer Service

    We care - so reach out regarding anything. We want you to have an easy and enjoyable experience with us!


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