Solasta Scents® x NBA’s Dream in Color

Solasta Scents® x NBA’s Dream in Color

Alright guys, so we did a thing - we had the opportunity to work with the NBA’s employee resource team, Dream in Color!

If you aren’t familiar, Dream in Color (DIC) celebrates and promotes the diverse talents of the NBA’s Black employees through professional development initiatives and community service. Its primary goal is to encourage members to strengthen their internal and external networks by providing opportunities to share experiences and best practices for success in the sports industry.

Their first-ever Black Leadership Forum, themed “Equity and Excellence”, aimed to inspire innovation by highlighting diverse leaders who are setting the new standard for equity and inclusion in the workplace. The audience consisted of Black employees, allies, and senior leaders from their league offices based in New York and New Jersey.

We were fortunate to have the pleasure of providing the favors for this inaugural event which lead to the creation of the “EQUITY” and “EXCELLENCE” candles!

Having background in basketball, we’re stoked to have had this opportunity. It’s truly an amazing feeling when individuals and organizations that you enjoy and genuinely support over the years end up supporting you. We level up with every joint effort and this is just another memory and achievement unlocked that we will never forget!!

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NBA’s Dream in Color: Black Leadership Forum
Solasta Scents® x NBA’s Dream in Color

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