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Solasta Scents® x Todd Zack Jr.

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Here at Solasta Scents®, music is played every day, if not all day long. Whether we want to get hyped up or wind down, music is a huge staple in our lives, and is one of the biggest inspirations for how we shape our candle collections. However, the R&B genre is our baby. The way it evokes an emotion, a feeling, and triggers a memory or moment in time is an unmatched experience for us when it comes to any other genre of music.

Ohio’s very own, Todd Zack Jr, is an extremely talented singer, songwriter, producer, and more. We were first introduced to Todd and his music back in 2017 with his ironically titled, “Evoking Emotions” EP and were fans of his ever since! So we were undoubtedly ecstatic when he reached out to us with the idea to create a candle as an accompaniment for his DEBUT album, “Appropriate”.

Now, we didn’t get any exclusive first listens of the album when he reached out to us so all we had was Todd’s vision and that was that he wanted to have a scent that was reflective of his favorite aromas to match the warm feeling “Appropriate” gives off upon listening.

He described the album as a fully transparent project detailing personal growth from pride, narcissism, love and heartbreak, and even how his father’s life’s circumstances impacted him as a man.

After hearing all of that, we felt honored to partner with him to create The APPROPRIATE Candle and we’ve personally spun the album while burning the candle a number of times. Together, it’s truly a vibe.

Although The APPROPRIATE Candle was a limited edition collaboration with Todd, memories last a lifetime and we will never forget this. Thanks again, Todd, for choosing to collab with us!

You can find the “Appropriate” album and the “Evoking Emotions” EP on all music streaming platforms and the “Appropriate” album is also available for purchase on his website,

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Tristan Jonez
Tristan Jonez

Such a quick read but I love all the BTS tidbits! Thank you for sharing. The Candles you create are just pure magic!

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